• Image: Cadboro Bay at Dawn

    Cadboro Bay at Dawn

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We offer a wide range of Art projects and services to connect you and your clients to the places you both love.  Suzanne Heron produces her own work of southern Vancouver Island, and partners with artists in other areas, to create calendars, cards and prints that resonate deeply as images of home. Please select  from the menu above the category that best matches your needs to find out how we can help you create deeper, lasting connections through art.

Latest News from Blue Heron

One Painting, One Story: The Queen Likes the Royal Victoria Yacht Club! (8/22/2018) - One customer is a bit of a royalist – she sends cards now and then to various members of the royal family. She sent a card congratulating Queen Elizabeth on her Diamond Jubilee, and in due course a note arrived from Buckingham Palace thanking her for her kind sentiment, and by the way what a lovelyMore »