One Digital Painting, One Story: Springtime on Dallas Road

by Suzanne Heron.

A couple of days ago – on our glorious weekend – we drove past all the parked cars along Dallas Road. So many people with off-leash dogs, sitting on the benches, following the walkway, flying kites. Jogging, biking. All maintaining one moose-length distance between them and anyone else (I believe this is the Canadian standard for measuring appropriate physical distance).

There was a riot of daffodils in Beacon Hill Park and along the whole walkway. In a short time the wild sweet peas and California poppies will cover the cliffside. 

Fun fact: Victoria is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to see over 100 miles – 160 km – of mountains. You can follow the Olympic Range from past Hurricane Ridge (1,598 m/ 5,242 ft), to Puget Sound, and across to the Coastal Range from, on a very good day, Mt Rainier (200 km away) to Mt Baker (100 km away) and up past Vancouver. From Dallas Road it’s somewhat less – but still dramatic enough to draw us there year round. Winter, too: Dallas Road is a great lookout for storms and crashing waves, especially with the King Tides, which can be over 3 m high.

It’s over 9 km from the Breakwater to the east end of Ross Bay. Get out for a stroll!

And stay safe,


p.s. I’m taking the long view. 2021 IS coming, and I’m sure people will want their art calendars. They are almost ready to go to print – some super art by 12 terrific Island artists, about places people love from the Peninsula to Port Renfrew and back again.