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Ashleigh Rowley

The first [Baby’s First Year in the Pacific Northwest] was for my newest little girl and this one is for a friend’s new baby.  I got one 3 years ago for my first daughter and absolutely loved it, so now it’s part of my favourite baby gifts to give new moms! Beautiful and convenient! Thank you


Sue Gardner

Dear Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the calendar I bought at Art and Wine last summer.
I absolutely love your artwork surrounding the month and of course, recipes are always so welcome! Yum!!
Looking forward to seeing you around at upcoming events as the year progresses,
Sincerely, Sue

Noralee Kirton

Thank you SO much for returning home to grab the calendars and risking being late for your dentist appointment! I truly appreciate having the calendars but even more than that, I appreciate your kindness in delivering them to me. You’re the best!!! Thank you!!!

  • Noralee Kirton

Karen James

WOW! I LOVE IT!! [2018 Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar]

Love the combination of natural and cultural elements in your selected images.

Love the double red Adirondack chairs (Fisgard sketch) seen across the country in many park settings, immediately ties in on a national level.

Love the peekaboo Mt Rainier from Willows Beach

Love the fierce storm energy at Ogden point

Love the varied colour and energy in the collection.

Love the concept of a day long circle tour which your calendar is built on – you just handed me the itinerary for a visitors and the no brainer parting gift – memento – your calendar!

Love the MacAulay point image on the front page and also LOVE the graphic of the rugged profile of the South Island in the upper corner of the front page, its clear to see where geological lineaments trend on this


You have created another masterpiece Suzanne!

Karen James


Bee-yootiful calendar!  Full of local information, lovely pictures which are not just urban tourist views!  And recipes and info on local events.  Thank you!!

  • J.B., Victoria

Sharon O’Brien

I LOVE gettting the Circle Tour Art Calendar. We go to the restaurant that is in each month, and make a point of taking day trips to many of the places in the calendar. And the recipes are fabulous.

Sharon O’Brien

Cara Guidolin

“Baby’s First Year” was the most special baby gift I got, out of everything. It is so unique, and just perfect for keeping track. Thank you!

Cara Guidolin

Isobel O’Connell

Your painting arrived just before I came to stay. It is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to show it to everyone!  The colours show well and I thought it was beautiful how you posted it. I cannot believe the difference it makes seeing it in person rather than on a greeting card! It is a true treasure. Again, thank you very much.

  • Isobel O’Connell

Heather Leary

Here is the latest from my friend, on the Sea to Sky Growth Chart:

Got the package… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!  OMG so amazing!  Same artist as the calendar, correct?  Helena just, just comes up to the lowest rung at 2ft 7 🙂

You are so kind!  I really really appreciate it.  We used to use pencil on the wall but this is much more elegant and so very evocative of home.  When she is grown she can take it with her and always remember that she was born and bred an Island girl (we know how fabulous that is, right!?)


From Heather Leary at Mark My Words Communication

June Fleming

Your calendars were a hit in England, I sent 3 there, and also in California, I sent one there.

Thank you!

June Fleming

Andrea Eggen

I purchased a few calendars from you to take home to Argentina with me, and my family and friends all loved them. They enjoyed the stories and information attached to the lovely artwork and it gave them a better idea of the paradise we live in.

Thank you!

Andrea Eggen

Krista Patterson

Your calendars are lovely – I’ve had the Kootenay Rockies one and the Okanagan one! Love the art and the great recipes too.

many thanks

Krista Patterson

Grace Bellefeuille

The calendar is absolutely amazing, from colour reproduction, great recipes and wonderful art.
The Okanagan Art Calendar is easily the nicest one I’ve ever seen.
Thank you
– Grace Bellefeuille

Mike Atkins

Wow! What an amazing calendar!

Our friends just gave us one of your Baby’s First Year on the West Coast calendars for our newborn Griffin who is three weeks old. The artwork  is just incredible. This will be a wonderful keepsake for our son, who we hope will grow to be proud to live on the Best Coast!

Thanks for your time, and wonderful artwork.

Mike Atkins

Laura Stewart

I have Suzanne’s beautiful growth chart to thank for completely disrupting our Christmas celebrations. I gifted a chart to my father, who absolutely adores anything to do with Vancouver Island. This was the perfect gift for him with his growing brood of grandchildren. Immediately, present-opening time was paused, and the perfect place to hang the chart was hotly debated.  Then of course, everyone wanted to take a turn being measured and having their sticker placed on the chart. And I don’t just mean the kids! Thank you Suzanne for derailing Christmas in a completely wonderful way!

– Laura Stewart, Physio Care At Home

Nicole Spring

When I opened mine [Kootenay Rockies Art Calendar] up and took a look through, I thought it was the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time. Determined to give a couple as gifts now!

Nicole Spring, Edmonton

Leslie Leishman

I work an extra shift on the surgery unit just to pay for giving the Kootenay Rockies Calendars to everyone in my family. That’s how special they are to me.

– Leslie Leishman

Loralee Hagar

We received your 2015 calendar as a gift last Christmas from our investment fellow, and have just loved it and enjoyed it all year. I was so taken with it that I decided it would be a great one for my sister and her hubby who come most years for a Christmas visit. Using your website I have ordered 2 calendars. So thank you. I was born here in Victoria and so was my husband and your lovely calendar had information that I had no idea about some of the places you put in it.  Thank you again.

– Loralee & Stewart Hagar

Kathryn Beckett

Your cards are just so beautiful, they always make me cry . . . oh! Murchie’s and Munro’s! I remember going to Murchie’s for hot chocolate when I was 4 years old . . . oh dear, you’ve done it again [tears] . . .

Kathryn Beckett, Beckett’s Fudge


The Baby’s First Year is really easy to fill out, it’s not labour intensive, and somehow it got really full, we love it. She’s 13 months old now.

– Jessica

June Fleming

Thank you…. I wrote to my relatives saying I had ordered the calendars and they all wrote back saying they could hardly wait!

– June

Heather Leary

Here is the testimonial from my friend Vivan – She LOVES the Baby Calendar!

“Got it!  OMG it is AMAZING !!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
No one has given me anything like it- and I needed a month by month freehand book as the baby book I have does not have this- and I love our westcoast home SO much-and this has such beautiful words and pictures about it- so this is PERFECT :)”

– Heather Leary, Mark My Words Communication

Barbra Trahan

“I had to come by and tell you how much everyone loved your calendars when we went to Ontario last month! They were wonderful hostess gifts. Especially loved the inclusion of all the recipes. Thank you!”

– Barbra Trahan, Victoria

Brian Clark

What I liked the most about your calendar is that the suggestions are tiny and can be ignored.  Parents start out with the best intentions of filling out every slot on the calendar faithfully.  Unfortunately we also find we need to eat and sleep.  I always found it a sad thing when the baby book is filled out for the first couple of weeks and then is filled with blank spaces.  Your layout allowed us to write what was important to us rather than forcing us to fill in blanks which may be meaningless to us.  It also gave us the space to put in a lot of personal comments and observations which he can read when he is older.

I could make this into a book but enough for now except for the biggest and most unexpected use for the calendar…we kept it hanging on the wall and now we can see what he looked like, what he was doing and how we were feeling at this same time last year. 

– Brian Clark

Jane Baker

I bought your 2015 Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar last year. I bought a house here in February and moved in June – so thank you for the inspiration of all these wonderful places to get to know.

– Jane Baker

Ellian Bell

I loved using the Baby Calendar because it made me think of things to write that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. We put pictures in every month, and a friend of mine used the little pictures you get to fill some of the date spaces.

– Ellian Bell, mom

Jeff Dallin

My wife and I received the “Baby’s First Year” calendar produced by Blue Heron Art and we have been using it consistently for the last 6 months. When my wife received it as a gift (from my mother) at her baby shower, three other Moms broke into tears, as they felt it was such an amazing gift and they were so sad they did not do something like that for their kids. It has honestly been the BEST gift we received from the entire shower (and we got some pretty amazing stuff)… we look forward to recording all the new memories and milestones at every stage.

Jeff Dallin
Innovative Fitness

Tonya Alton

I am a Canadian writer and moved to Vancouver Island only a short time ago. I was searching for new places to explore and fun things to do. I met Suzanne Heron, from Blue Heron Art Enterprises, at a local event in Victoria. I purchased two of her beautifully crafted Calendars- one for the remainder of this year and the other for 2015. What I soon discovered when looking through them was an abundance of fabulous information. From local weather, moon phases and spectacular artwork, depicting everything from things to do and delicious recipes, the pages are your gateway to adventures! As a result of my purchases, I have attended several festivals and markets, all free and brimming with culture and history. I highly suggest anyone wanting to give a special gift or treat a newcomer to the area, one of Suzanne Heron’s series of Calendars. I anticipate many cherished memories ahead will be a direct result of this artist’s wonderful suggestions!
~ T.L Alton “Under the Sitka Tree”

Tammy Shore

I was gifted your calendar from a girlfriend who was shopping in Victoria as she has family there.
I absolutely love the calendar. It’s such a great, easy, and tasteful way to document their first year.
Love your art !
Tammy Shore, Squamish, BC


My mom bought me the “Baby’s First Year” calender and I absolutely love it!!! . . .  I’m wondering if you could do a custom order for Baby’s 2nd year. I document everything on this calender and love going back through it and reminiscing – Michelle

Annelies Tjebbes

I live here in Victoria, my mom is in Vancouver & my sister in Montreal. We’re cooking across the country, each month the recipe from the calendar. This month we did Stone Street Café’s quiche and it was delicious – and so easy!

Annelise Tjebbes

Laurie McDonald

Suzanne creates wonderful artwork in many formats.  I chose her calendar that contains not only great pictures but historical facts and recipes….a delight to hang anywhere.

Anne Fried, Scottsdale, Arizona

We have a summer home here so I always bring something, a piece of Victoria, to have with me every day. I fell in love the your calendar; they are so personal, I love the quality of the paper. I definitely plan on getting one every year.

Anne Goodman

My daughter graduated from high school, turned 18 and left home this month.
Quite a big deal for both of us!  For her birthday I wanted to give her a card that carried a lot of meaning and would let her know how much I value her and our lives together.
I searched for the perfect card. 
Then I found one of Suzanne’s;  a group of school children with backpacks walking along a Fairfield street with cherry blossoms everywhere.  It was so moving, it looked exactly like my daughter and her friends had looked walking to school every spring for all those years of her childhood.
I have tears in my eyes just writing this!
Both she and I were very moved by this memento of her childhood, it was the perfect card.
Anne Goodman

Anita Voorsluys

As I started going through the cards to choose just the right one, I actually gasped when I saw the picture at Cordova Bay with the swing…we walk there every week and it’s a very special place where we have had some very deep conversations . . . So just a note of thanks to you for bringing a smile to my face as I went through all the images and have very happy memories in almost all of the locations 🙂