The word on our Art Calendars...

A unique and intense celebration of communities over 12 months

Sue Gardner

Dear Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the calendar I bought at Art and Wine last summer.
I absolutely love your artwork surrounding the month and of course, recipes are always so welcome! Yum!!
Looking forward to seeing you around at upcoming events as the year progresses,
Sincerely, Sue

Bev Byerly

Just received my calendar in the mail and wanted you to know that it looks great! You’ve done a wonderful job!
Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this project again😊
All the best,
Bev Byerly, West Coast Painter

Wanda Doyle

Hello Suzanne.  Thank you for the lovely calendar!  You did an amazing job balancing everything.  I like the quality of the paper as well!

Wanda Doyle, fine artist

Catherine Robertson

Hi Suzanne,
Just came home from Campbell River and there were your beautiful calendars !  I think they are
just fabulous and wanted you to know and to thank you, once again, for all you do to put these
together in such a colourful, creative and most impressive way !  The paper is awesome and has
s really nice feel to the touch .  . .
In any case, Suzanne, thanks again for another super, super calendar !!

Christine Camilleri

This looks fantastic and I really like the fading in and out of the images this time around. I really like my “month” as a feel for the whole calendar. Another artist asked me about my experience with you last year and I couldn’t say enough good things about the way you have treated us artists/donors for your cause

Christine Camilleri, Artist in the Western Canada Region Soroptimist Art Calendar

Susan Fahrni

Thought I’d share that a couple of my vendors are raving about the 2019 calendars.  😁This was via email:
The new 2019 images look fantastic!  I have no doubt our customers will love them.
Great job!
Susan Fahrni, Edgewater artist in the Kootenay Art Calendar

Louise Drescher

Hey, how about this:
I just sold a painting because a fellow Rosslander saw your 2019 Kootenay Calendar in a café in Greenwood! [Deadwood Junction]
I am amazed at how organized you are, I had no idea it was already in circulation.  And in tiny Greenwood.
So I just sold the Lake Louise Train painting to someone who already owns several of my works
…thanks to the calendar!
Louise Drescher, Rossland artist in the Kootenay Art Calendar

Tim Affolter

We were attending a 70th birthday party at a client/friend’s home last night.  I was talking to a couple of ladies on one side of the room when I looked over at the birthday girl and saw her sitting on the sofa, proudly showing her 2018 Kootenay Art Calendar to some other folks.  When she was done, I borrowed it to show to the people with whom I was speaking. They were all super impressed and thought it would make a lovely gift . . . Hope it results in some new business for your excellent product!

Noralee Kirton

Thank you SO much for returning home to grab the calendars and risking being late for your dentist appointment! I truly appreciate having the calendars but even more than that, I appreciate your kindness in delivering them to me. You’re the best!!! Thank you!!!

  • Noralee Kirton

Catherine Robertson

Well, what can I say !!? – ‘Awesome’ seems an understatement for sure ! The calendar just arrive and it is ‘first class’ all the way.  A wonderful job and all the planning that had to go into it is so apparent !  Just a super calendar. I think the fact that all the pictures are ‘Canuck’ is really delightful and satisfying.
– Catherine Robertson on the Western Canada Region 2018 Art Calendar

Karen James

WOW! I LOVE IT!! [2018 Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar]

Love the combination of natural and cultural elements in your selected images.

Love the double red Adirondack chairs (Fisgard sketch) seen across the country in many park settings, immediately ties in on a national level.

Love the peekaboo Mt Rainier from Willows Beach

Love the fierce storm energy at Ogden point

Love the varied colour and energy in the collection.

Love the concept of a day long circle tour which your calendar is built on – you just handed me the itinerary for a visitors and the no brainer parting gift – memento – your calendar!

Love the MacAulay point image on the front page and also LOVE the graphic of the rugged profile of the South Island in the upper corner of the front page, its clear to see where geological lineaments trend on this


You have created another masterpiece Suzanne!

Karen James


Bee-yootiful calendar!  Full of local information, lovely pictures which are not just urban tourist views!  And recipes and info on local events.  Thank you!!

  • J.B., Victoria

Wayne Schnick

I’ve had many great comments [on the Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar] . . . and a side story, my 92 year old neighbour, who is a phenomenal cook, made a batch of Metchosin squares from the recipe on the calendar the next day and guess who had to do the taste test, again and again!

Thanks for what you do, please keep it up…it is so much appreciated by all.
Wayne Schnick, Coldwell Banker Slegg Realty

Sharon O’Brien

I LOVE gettting the Circle Tour Art Calendar. We go to the restaurant that is in each month, and make a point of taking day trips to many of the places in the calendar. And the recipes are fabulous.

Sharon O’Brien

Wes Bull

Just had breakfast this morning with some friends and their friends from Edmonton.

Well, I had given one of your calendars to the good Dr., who hasn’t quite entirely retired to Victoria.  He remarked at breakfast how much he enjoyed the calendar.  I think it kinda keeps him connected to Victoria and their next adventures until he can get back.  He thanked me again for such a lovely gift.

Your calendars are very much like Victoria, there are so many cool little things hiding right in front of you.  You just have to bother to look.

Wes Bull, Wes-Co Solutions

Ron Clarke

All the clients I sent your calendar to have thanked me and demanded another one.  In fact, I sent one to a client who had referred a bunch of people to me over the past couple of years.  One was his brother, who asked me why he didn’t get one … I said, send me a half dozen clients and you will “qualify” for a calendar too!

Ron Clarke, JBS Business Services, Trail

June Fleming

Your calendars were a hit in England, I sent 3 there, and also in California, I sent one there.

Thank you!

June Fleming

Andrea Eggen

I purchased a few calendars from you to take home to Argentina with me, and my family and friends all loved them. They enjoyed the stories and information attached to the lovely artwork and it gave them a better idea of the paradise we live in.

Thank you!

Andrea Eggen

Krista Patterson

Your calendars are lovely – I’ve had the Kootenay Rockies one and the Okanagan one! Love the art and the great recipes too.

many thanks

Krista Patterson

Grace Bellefeuille

The calendar is absolutely amazing, from colour reproduction, great recipes and wonderful art.
The Okanagan Art Calendar is easily the nicest one I’ve ever seen.
Thank you
– Grace Bellefeuille

Denné Ahlefeld

I meant to tell you, thanks!  I love the new calendars.  We are busy trying to figure out who all to give them too.  Merry Christmas J

Yours truly,

Denné Ahlefeld, CPA, CGA, Creston

Marina Isidoro

I was lucky enough to be gifted a calendar made by you,  by one of my colleagues. I first noticed your calendar in one of the Investment Advisor’s office and was mesmerized at first glance.

Might I just say that your calendars are tremendous and so well done. Very pleasing on the eyes; and the information and detail on all the pages – from the recipes to the average temperatures, down to the write ups of each location features ….just so phenomenally well done. And the quality and texture of the paper…a big hit!!!

I have already recommended other fellow colleagues use your calendars for future gifts to their clients as they are of superb quality and very very well done.

Thank you for sharing your craft with the community!

– Marina Isidoro, Victoria

Nicole Spring

When I opened mine [Kootenay Rockies Art Calendar] up and took a look through, I thought it was the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time. Determined to give a couple as gifts now!

Nicole Spring, Edmonton

Leslie Leishman

I work an extra shift on the surgery unit just to pay for giving the Kootenay Rockies Calendars to everyone in my family. That’s how special they are to me.

– Leslie Leishman

Carol Cohen

My clients love them. They all look forward to their calendar. They love that it supports the arts and I know they stay up on their wall for a year. Several clients tell me they save the previous years calender. Great advertising for me.

Carol Cohen, Fernie Real Estate

Loralee Hagar

We received your 2015 calendar as a gift last Christmas from our investment fellow, and have just loved it and enjoyed it all year. I was so taken with it that I decided it would be a great one for my sister and her hubby who come most years for a Christmas visit. Using your website I have ordered 2 calendars. So thank you. I was born here in Victoria and so was my husband and your lovely calendar had information that I had no idea about some of the places you put in it.  Thank you again.

– Loralee & Stewart Hagar

Joanne Davidson

We don’t think the client would mind if I passed this compliment along to you:

Dear Paul, Lisa and Peter,   Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful calendar that arrived yesterday.   I read through the whole year 2016, and so enjoyed reading the different comments about each beautiful painting here in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.  I shall look forward to turning the pages each month.  

My sincere thanks for your continued assistance and work on my accounts.

Wishing all of you a very Happy, Holiday Season, and the very, very best for a healthy, joyous New Year with many wonderful surprises.

Siluch-Hill Investments Team, Raymond James

Ron Clark

Some feedback for you on the calendars … people love them.  And as you know, so much so that my staff went together and did their own group order from you!

Ron Clark, JBS Business Services

Trail, BC

Don Swainson

People are dazzled by these calendars. We are giving them to our top tier referring physicians so they will have our phone and fax #s handy at all times. A common reaction is “ Wow is that for us? “ Most people just ask if they can have one more…..but I am very stingy with them J.

Don Swainson, Vital Health Pharmacy

June Fleming

Thank you…. I wrote to my relatives saying I had ordered the calendars and they all wrote back saying they could hardly wait!

– June

Barbra Trahan

“I had to come by and tell you how much everyone loved your calendars when we went to Ontario last month! They were wonderful hostess gifts. Especially loved the inclusion of all the recipes. Thank you!”

– Barbra Trahan, Victoria

Jane Baker

I bought your 2015 Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar last year. I bought a house here in February and moved in June – so thank you for the inspiration of all these wonderful places to get to know.

– Jane Baker

Emily Nelson

I gave your Victoria & Circle Tour Calendar to my kids living in Cobble Hill and Shawnigan Lake, and they were absolutely thrilled with it! They spent so much time going through each month saying, “I know where that is! Oh, look, there’s . . . ” It was their favourite of all the Christmas presents. I’m going to give more this year.

Emily Nelson, EN Office Services

Beth Tarnow

I can’t believe the feedback I’m getting on the Calendar, and from such a variety of people. One client is 85 and keeps it flat on his desk so he can pick it up and touch it every day. Another gave it to his 29-year-old son who loves to cook, so it works for all ages. They have all been so grateful and tell me they love it!

Beth Tarnow, ACN

Barbara Hopkins

When I delivered the Calendar to one of my top clients they were totally overwhelmed. It opened a wonderful dialogue as we talked about the places and recipes, and flipped to the back to see all the events and websites. They saw how fantastic the product is but it wasn’t about that, or how great I was, it was just the feeling they had that I was giving them a very personal gift. It was a wonderful way to connect.

Barbara Hopkins, Sun Life Financial

Sharon Mitchell

I’ve been using Suzanne’s art cards for all my thank you correspondence.  Without fail, the recipient comments on the high quality and beautiful images.  And often they know the location personally, adding to their appreciation.  I also just started sending out the calendars and have similar responses.  Many clients use an electronic calendar but comment that they will be hanging up Suzanne’s calendar because the images are so beautiful.  Thank you Suzanne for your amazing talent!


Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd

Ruth Vandermeer

Hi Suzanne!  We got the calendars and they look GORGEOUS!  Everyone is SO happy with them . . .  Thx again & PS I LUV the Victoria calendar!  Thank you SO much!
Ruth Vandermeer, Jacobson Ford, Salmon Arm BC

Tonya Alton

I am a Canadian writer and moved to Vancouver Island only a short time ago. I was searching for new places to explore and fun things to do. I met Suzanne Heron, from Blue Heron Art Enterprises, at a local event in Victoria. I purchased two of her beautifully crafted Calendars- one for the remainder of this year and the other for 2015. What I soon discovered when looking through them was an abundance of fabulous information. From local weather, moon phases and spectacular artwork, depicting everything from things to do and delicious recipes, the pages are your gateway to adventures! As a result of my purchases, I have attended several festivals and markets, all free and brimming with culture and history. I highly suggest anyone wanting to give a special gift or treat a newcomer to the area, one of Suzanne Heron’s series of Calendars. I anticipate many cherished memories ahead will be a direct result of this artist’s wonderful suggestions!
~ Talia (T.L.) Alton “Under the Sitka Tree”

Michael Jell

I wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful calendar you’ve put together over the past few years. I have people asking me when the next one is coming out.  Every September I show my work at  Lake Country’s Art Walk in the Okanagan with 300 other artists, the biggest art show in the B.C. interior with an average of over 7000 people, and the calendars sell out the first day.  I find that the art + recipes is a great combination, people are buying a average of 3 and sending them to family @ friends across Canada,  Europe @ U.S.A. as gifts. You’ve put a lot of thought and work into them and it shows , keep up the good work.

Michael Jell, Vernon artist

Shelley Duggan

Thank you so much for making the personal call to me, and sending the sample.

I have had great feedback on the calendars. Honestly, I don’t recall clients calling to say thank you for their Christmas gift in past years. I had about 5 calls and then those that I ran into or talked to after Christmas – all raved about them, they loved  the Calendars.  They really liked the art work, some were so enthralled it took them a while to notice the recipes. Suffice to say they were a huge hit and I will definitely order more next year.

Shelley Duggan

Century 21 Executives Realty, Vernon BC

Annelies Tjebbes

I live here in Victoria, my mom is in Vancouver & my sister in Montreal. We’re cooking across the country, each month the recipe from the calendar. This month we did Stone Street Café’s quiche and it was delicious – and so easy!

Annelise Tjebbes

Donna Gibson

Everybody loves the Okanagan Art Calendars!  They especially like the fact that you are highlighting local artists and have included recipes.  It’s a perfect match for my clients!

Donna Gibson, CGA, CPA

Gibson & Associates

Colleen Hoggarth

I thought I would share the lovely note I received from a client today.

I’ve been so busy, and only just opened the Christmas card and calendar you dropped off to me last week.  I love the card, but I have to tell you the calendar is stunningly beautiful, and a very appropriate gift for your clients.  You can rest assured I won’t be sharing the calendar with anyone else!  Thank-you for the very thoughtful, and much appreciated gift!  The card I will share, and I may even let a few of the council members actually touch the calendar, but I’m claiming it for myself.

Thanks again for this amazing calendar.  Not only will I enjoy it through the next year, but it is just one of those items that I can’t imagine ever parting with.

Thank you for making me look so good!

Colleen Hoggarth

Security House Accounting Services

Jeremy Stephen & Matt Hillyard

Just a quick note to say thanks again for the great calendars. We sent them out last week to our top 150 clients and are already receiving very positive feedback. What a refreshing change from the usual calendars we send out.
Jeremy & Matt
RBC Dominion Securities

Lynn McNeill

Here is a response to the calendar that I received from a client:
Good Morning Lynn,
First of all, — we’ve had a chance to thoroughly look at the calendar and it’s a beauty.  The pictures are wonderful (and, of course, they’re of our area!!), the write-ups are perfect and the recipes look worth a further look and perhaps a “try”.  Thank you again for sharing this with us.
Independent Travel Professional

Vanessa Miller

I received one of your calendars as a gift from Pauline Penner, and I just wanted to say that I love it! I love seeing it on my wall and getting lost in the artwork.

Tony Joe

Just wanted to send you a thank you for the calendars we sent to clients last December.  The response has been excellent- much more so than the traditional “Real Estate” calendars I’ve been sending out for 20 years.  In fact, I don’t think I ever received glowing reviews of a calendar in the past where this time I received many!  Here is a quote from a good past client who emailed immediately upon receipt of the calendar:

Your calendar arrived today, and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much. I love the fact there are recipes from places we’ve visited. Very cool. Gorgeous artwork too. That will be a great keepsake.
In business, we are always seeking ways to differentiate ourselves and also provide added value to our clients.  Your calendar did both very well.
– Tony Joe, Tony Joe Real Estate

Pauline Penner

I have chosen to support local business woman Suzanne Heron of Blue Heron Art Enterprises.  I use her cards to communicate with my clients and I chose her calendars as my holiday gifts this past year.  Both are received with amazement at her talents.  Many of my clients have called to express both their gratitude with the gift and to enquire where the calendars can be purchased locally.  Suzanne is a dedicated business woman and her products and services reflect her commitment to customer service.  Her portrayal of our community, its many attributes and her support of local business reflect her community roots.  I am honoured to be associated with her and to give her products to my clients.  Kudos Suzanne on a job well done – you are a shining example for us all.

Dustin Lamoureux

I’ve never had such a response to a gift sent to clients. My phone was off the hook – at least 30% of the people I sent a calendar to phoned or emailed me to say thank you, and how beautiful it is.

Leanne Engen

I want to tell you about the wonderful response we had to the calendars given as gifts.  The feedback from clients was overwhelmingly great.  One woman said she hoped my other clients appreciated just how amazing the calendar is.  She said it’s really a work of art.

Laurie McDonald

Suzanne creates wonderful artwork in many formats.  I chose her calendar that contains not only great pictures but historical facts and recipes….a delight to hang anywhere.

Anne Fried, Scottsdale, Arizona

We have a summer home here so I always bring something, a piece of Victoria, to have with me every day. I fell in love the your calendar; they are so personal, I love the quality of the paper. I definitely plan on getting one every year.

Susan Farhni

With the new stock on hand, I was able to deliver 10 to the new owners of a gift an souvenir shop in Radium just now.  The owner, who not only grew up in the valley, has been in the ‘gift & souvenir biz’ for years and also produces postcards and ‘ordinary’ calendars for his industry.  He was SO excited when he saw the calendar.  He’s talking about my supplying him with a hundred calendars in the coming weeks. Wow and wow! He even proposed the idea of featuring me out front on the September long weekend with my artwork, prints, cards, etc. and autographing calendars.  Pinch me.  It’s too exciting for words.

Laurel Giasson & Matt Theoret

Thank you for your interest in our café. We appreciate your work and dedication to the arts and to the community connection. We think this calendar is a great way to stay in touch with the arts, your local farmer and small business. This calendar is something we all appreciate. Thank you!

– Laurie & Matt, The Frog Peak Café, Crescent Valley

Sue Hayes

Side Street Studio in Oak Bay Village is proud to sell Suzanne’s very creative art. Our customers really enjoy seeing the places that they love bought to life in such an imaginative way – from greetings cards to prints to calendars Suzanne’s work is a great asset to our studio.

Ila McKillop

The calendars have been so well received! Locals have been buying them to send to relatives abroad and tourists have been buying them to take back home. So they are scattering far and wide! Many people have said how much they like the inclusion of the recipes.  Also the paper quality really sets them apart from the others.  In general, they are a beautiful artisan style calendar that appeals to locals and tourists alike, which is very rare!  Well Done!! With regards to the cards, I’m completely sold out of all the greeted ones now and as usual the blank Mount Baker image was the first to sell out in both stores.  I know I’m missing or very low on a number of images so I’ll call you!

Colin Wood

At long last a Victoria calendar to be proud to send globally .. congrats.. well done . . .  good on yer seeing outside the box .. . Good luck with 2013.. keep up the good work

Nancy Johnson

Hi there, I first saw your work when we bought the Salish calendar in December, then went back and bought several more because they are so beautiful.  I also showed it to quite a few co-workers who were as impressed, with any luck, they got one too.

Just today, I saw greeting cards in Sidney that were your work, then after dinner I was reading the Senior Living magazine, and quite enjoyed the article on re-inventing.  It wasn’t until nearly the end of the piece that I put it all together.

So I am writing to let you know that I am a fan of your work, and hope that you keep producing wonderful things for us to enjoy.

Christina Grono

Got your calendar and yes its beautiful and would love to be apart of it!  What a beautiful thing you are doing! Thanks for asking me to be apart of it!

Christina Grono, The Art We Are, Kamloops

Susan Fahrni

The calendar arrived yesterday and Wow! – it’s beautiful.  You’ve done a great job!

Louise Drescher

WOWEE! it looks fabulous, Suzanne
I love the way you put it all together and the paper is an excellent choice
It is a very unique and beautiful calendar
I can’t wait to get a batch to sell in the gallery

Veronica Pellerine

I would like to congratulate you on creating the Kootenay Art Calender! It’s beautifully done and was obviously a LOT of work! I love the way it turned out. I can’t wait to try out some of those recipes.

Denise Lemaster

Suzanne – just picked up mail and CALENDAR!!! LOVE IT! Well done, you did a great job. It is so unique with notes and facts and recipes, and all the artwork look terrific. I am very proud to be a part of it . . . Thank you very much for the opportunity to be part of this great project.

Donna Ashmore

Hi Suzanne, Guess what I need?!  I am down to 1 Calendar . . .  People have been quite impressed and are constantly complimenting what a wonderful job you have done.