The word on our Baby's & Children's treasures...

Cara Guidolin

“Baby’s First Year” was the most special baby gift I got, out of everything. It is so unique, and just perfect for keeping track. Thank you!

Cara Guidolin

Heather Leary

Here is the latest from my friend, on the Sea to Sky Growth Chart:

Got the package… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!  OMG so amazing!  Same artist as the calendar, correct?  Helena just, just comes up to the lowest rung at 2ft 7 🙂

You are so kind!  I really really appreciate it.  We used to use pencil on the wall but this is much more elegant and so very evocative of home.  When she is grown she can take it with her and always remember that she was born and bred an Island girl (we know how fabulous that is, right!?)


From Heather Leary at Mark My Words Communication

Mike Atkins

Wow! What an amazing calendar!

Our friends just gave us one of your Baby’s First Year on the West Coast calendars for our newborn Griffin who is three weeks old. The artwork  is just incredible. This will be a wonderful keepsake for our son, who we hope will grow to be proud to live on the Best Coast!

Thanks for your time, and wonderful artwork.

Mike Atkins

Laura Stewart

I have Suzanne’s beautiful growth chart to thank for completely disrupting our Christmas celebrations. I gifted a chart to my father, who absolutely adores anything to do with Vancouver Island. This was the perfect gift for him with his growing brood of grandchildren. Immediately, present-opening time was paused, and the perfect place to hang the chart was hotly debated.  Then of course, everyone wanted to take a turn being measured and having their sticker placed on the chart. And I don’t just mean the kids! Thank you Suzanne for derailing Christmas in a completely wonderful way!

– Laura Stewart, Physio Care At Home


The Baby’s First Year is really easy to fill out, it’s not labour intensive, and somehow it got really full, we love it. She’s 13 months old now.

– Jessica

Heather Leary

Here is the testimonial from my friend Vivan – She LOVES the Baby Calendar!

“Got it!  OMG it is AMAZING !!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
No one has given me anything like it- and I needed a month by month freehand book as the baby book I have does not have this- and I love our westcoast home SO much-and this has such beautiful words and pictures about it- so this is PERFECT :)”

– Heather Leary, Mark My Words Communication

Brian Clark

What I liked the most about your calendar is that the suggestions are tiny and can be ignored.  Parents start out with the best intentions of filling out every slot on the calendar faithfully.  Unfortunately we also find we need to eat and sleep.  I always found it a sad thing when the baby book is filled out for the first couple of weeks and then is filled with blank spaces.  Your layout allowed us to write what was important to us rather than forcing us to fill in blanks which may be meaningless to us.  It also gave us the space to put in a lot of personal comments and observations which he can read when he is older.

I could make this into a book but enough for now except for the biggest and most unexpected use for the calendar…we kept it hanging on the wall and now we can see what he looked like, what he was doing and how we were feeling at this same time last year. 

– Brian Clark

Ellian Bell

I loved using the Baby Calendar because it made me think of things to write that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. We put pictures in every month, and a friend of mine used the little pictures you get to fill some of the date spaces.

– Ellian Bell, mom

Jeff Dallin

My wife and I received the “Baby’s First Year” calendar produced by Blue Heron Art and we have been using it consistently for the last 6 months. When my wife received it as a gift (from my mother) at her baby shower, three other Moms broke into tears, as they felt it was such an amazing gift and they were so sad they did not do something like that for their kids. It has honestly been the BEST gift we received from the entire shower (and we got some pretty amazing stuff)… we look forward to recording all the new memories and milestones at every stage.

Jeff Dallin
Innovative Fitness

Tammy Shore

I was gifted your calendar from a girlfriend who was shopping in Victoria as she has family there.
I absolutely love the calendar. It’s such a great, easy, and tasteful way to document their first year.
Love your art !
Tammy Shore, Squamish, BC


My mom bought me the “Baby’s First Year” calender and I absolutely love it!!! . . .  I’m wondering if you could do a custom order for Baby’s 2nd year. I document everything on this calender and love going back through it and reminiscing – Michelle