The word on our Art Cards...

Familiar scenes painted by Suzanne Heron

Kathryn Beckett

Your cards are just so beautiful, they always make me cry . . . oh! Murchie’s and Munro’s! I remember going to Murchie’s for hot chocolate when I was 4 years old . . . oh dear, you’ve done it again [tears] . . .

Kathryn Beckett, Beckett’s Fudge

Diana Zinck

I sent one of Suzanne’s cards to a client and got this email in response:

“Incredibly incredibly thoughtful of you Diana…, very nice card, Stuff like that is not done enough anymore so I feel touched you would go out of your way to send one to me. Coffee… .soon please…..i am sure we will figure out how to do business.”

Sendng a card is such a great way to great customer relationships. Thanks Suzanne!

– Diana Zinck, The Stage Coach

Christina Gilbert

Hi Suzanne – I will be ordering more cards later this month as I am almost out. Many of my clients appreciate the local scenery and the beauty in your creativity.

Christina Gilbert, Investors Group

Sharon Mitchell

I’ve been using Suzanne’s art cards for all my thank you correspondence.  Without fail, the recipient comments on the high quality and beautiful images.  And often they know the location personally, adding to their appreciation.  I also just started sending out the calendars and have similar responses.  Many clients use an electronic calendar but comment that they will be hanging up Suzanne’s calendar because the images are so beautiful.  Thank you Suzanne for your amazing talent!


Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd

Elizabeth June

Suzanne designed a beautiful card for us with a picture of Finlayson Arm and “We appreciate your business” on the front. Every customer gets one, and 75% say thank you back to us for the card! Email thank you cards are discarded immediately, but a hand written card is remembered. Suzanne did a great job on it.

Elizabeth June

June Financial and Insurance Services Ltd

Pauline Penner

I have chosen to support local business woman Suzanne Heron of Blue Heron Art Enterprises.  I use her cards to communicate with my clients and I chose her calendars as my holiday gifts this past year.  Both are received with amazement at her talents.  Many of my clients have called to express both their gratitude with the gift and to enquire where the calendars can be purchased locally.  Suzanne is a dedicated business woman and her products and services reflect her commitment to customer service.  Her portrayal of our community, its many attributes and her support of local business reflect her community roots.  I am honoured to be associated with her and to give her products to my clients.  Kudos Suzanne on a job well done – you are a shining example for us all.

Emma Dixon-Will

I met Suzanne as a guest at a BNI meeting and I was thoroughly impressed with her work and her presentation skills. I love to support local artists and I found Suzanne’s art very calming so it was just natural for me to purchase her work.  Whenever I send one of her cards to my clients or acquaintances, they can be reminded of the beautiful city of Victoria where we live.  I had requested some cards and Suzanne’s turnaround time was fabulous (she actually met me an hour later as I was under a time issue !). She is here to please her clients and she has that “personal” touch.

Nicole Wilford

My clients love to get Suzanne’s art cards that celebrate their own neighbourhood. One client took a photo of the card I sent her and re-posted it on Facebook and Twitter!

Anne Goodman

My daughter graduated from high school, turned 18 and left home this month.
Quite a big deal for both of us!  For her birthday I wanted to give her a card that carried a lot of meaning and would let her know how much I value her and our lives together.
I searched for the perfect card. 
Then I found one of Suzanne’s;  a group of school children with backpacks walking along a Fairfield street with cherry blossoms everywhere.  It was so moving, it looked exactly like my daughter and her friends had looked walking to school every spring for all those years of her childhood.
I have tears in my eyes just writing this!
Both she and I were very moved by this memento of her childhood, it was the perfect card.
Anne Goodman

Anita Voorsluys

As I started going through the cards to choose just the right one, I actually gasped when I saw the picture at Cordova Bay with the swing…we walk there every week and it’s a very special place where we have had some very deep conversations . . . So just a note of thanks to you for bringing a smile to my face as I went through all the images and have very happy memories in almost all of the locations 🙂

Sue Hayes

Side Street Studio in Oak Bay Village is proud to sell Suzanne’s very creative art. Our customers really enjoy seeing the places that they love bought to life in such an imaginative way – from greetings cards to prints to calendars Suzanne’s work is a great asset to our studio.

Dr. Mark Smith

In an increasingly impersonal world so used to ‘screen culture’, I find that my clients really appreciate the personal touch and recognition of an attractive hand-written card.  In my practice it’s important to maintain relationships and let clients know they are appreciated, and I can’t think of a better way to do this than with Suzanne’s beautiful artwork that clients can relate to, connect with, and enjoy.  The response we’ve had so far is great- especially for thank-you’s and birthdays- it reminds people that we are here, that we care, and has really meant the world to a lot of people- who often say they leave their cards around in plain view long after they receive them.  Thanks Suzanne!

Ila McKillop

The calendars have been so well received! Locals have been buying them to send to relatives abroad and tourists have been buying them to take back home. So they are scattering far and wide! Many people have said how much they like the inclusion of the recipes.  Also the paper quality really sets them apart from the others.  In general, they are a beautiful artisan style calendar that appeals to locals and tourists alike, which is very rare!  Well Done!! With regards to the cards, I’m completely sold out of all the greeted ones now and as usual the blank Mount Baker image was the first to sell out in both stores.  I know I’m missing or very low on a number of images so I’ll call you!