Soft Milk Chocolate Ganache from The Snug

by Suzanne Heron.

Melt 100 gm 55% milk chocolate and stir in 45 gm corn flakes. Press into pan & freeze. Bring 1 l cream to 45 degrees, then add 400 gm 55% milk chocolate, 600 gm 85% chocolate, 3 Tbsp corn syrup & 150 gm/ ⅔ cup butter. Blend until smooth and pour over crispy base. Freeze. Serve topped with Salted Caramel: Cook 200 gm/ 1 cup sugar, 100 mls water, 1 Tbsp corn syrup & pinch of kosher salt to caramel stage. Add 200 gm whipping cream & reduce. Chill to room temperature & add 1 oz spiced rum.

Executive Chef Iain Rennie, The Snug, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, 1175 Beach Dr  Victoria, 250-598-4556. Watch whales swim by from the patio while you enjoy your favourite beer or glass of wine at Victoria’s original neighbourhood pub.