Scampy Prawns for 4 From Just Jakes

by Suzanne Heron.

First you make Sambuca Scampy Butter: Mix ½ lb butter, 1 oz Ssambuca, 1 oz Sambal (chili paste) & ¼ bunch cilantro in a food processor until you have a bright orange butter. For the prawns, you will need 36 26/30 sized, peeled and deveined prawns. Pan sear the prawns on both sides in a frying pan with 2 oz. of Canola oil until they are mostly cooked. Then add the butter mixture as well as a half of a cup of white wine. The wine will prevent the butter from burning.

Serve with garlic toast. For best presentation serve sizzling hot by heating up a thick cast iron pan and pour all the contents of your original frying pan into the cast iron one.

– Chef Dan, Just Jakes, 45 Craig St, Duncan,