O Bistro’s Chimichurrie Sauce For Fish

by Suzanne Heron.

Combine in food processor 80 gm/ 1 1/3 cup fresh chopped Parsley; 30 gm/ 1/2 cup fresh chopped Cilantro; 30 ml/ 2 Tbsp fresh squeezed Lime Juice; 30 ml/ 2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar; 20 ml/ 4 tsp Dijon; 1-2 cloves  fresh minced Garlic; 10 gm/ 1 Tbsp diced Jalapeno; 10 gm/ 1 Tbsp minced Red Onion; 5 gm/ 1 tsp Salt;  and 5 gm/ 1 tsp Brown Sugar. Puree. While processor is running slowly, add 250 ml Olive oil until mixture emulsifies. Refrigerate up to one week.

Chef Jeff Muzzin, O Bistro, Oswego Hotel, 500 Oswego St, Victoria, 250-294-7500 (just down from the pilotage). This type of pesto is great on fish! Need a quick slick finish to a fresh piece of sole or salmon? Try Chef Muzzin’s Chimimchurri sauce!