Le Plateau Bistro’s Summer Bouillabaisse in a Saffron Romesco Broth (Serves 4)

by Suzanne Heron.

Rub 1 red pepper with olive oil, pierce with knife and roast about 30 min at 500F until brown, turning twice. Cool completely covered with plastic wrap. Sauté 1 small leek, ½ onion & ½ fennel bulb, all finely diced, over low heat until soft. Add white wine if the pan gets too hot. Add 3 cloves crushed garlic, then 1 c dry acidic wine and reduce by half. Place in a soup pot and add 2 tomatoes, diced, and the diced flesh of the pepper. Add 1 litre clamato juice and 1 hearty pinch Spanish saffron. Bring to simmer, add 4-8 BC Spot Prawns, 12 Manila Clams, 12 BC Honey Mussels & 4 Spiny Pink Pacific Scallops (side muscle removed), cover and turn off heat. Sear 1 lb halibut cut into 4 in very hot canola oil, then add 1 Tbsp butter to the pan, turn fish over & baste. Turn off heat. Ladle broth & seafood into bowls, lay halibut on top. Finish with chopped herbs or arugula and serve with crusty bread.

Chef Katelyn Boutilier, Le Plateau Bistro, Tutt St Square, Kelowna, 250-861-8618. “Your neighbours will crave coming over for a light and delicious bowl of fresh seafood.”