Crush Bistro Flatbread and Cranberry Salsa

by Suzanne Heron.

Combine 2 cups dried cranberries, 2 cups water, ½ cup minced onion, ½ cup chopped grapes, ½ cup chopped apple, 1” fresh ginger, grated, and a pinch each of fresh pepper, fine sea salt, cinnamon, cayenne and ground cloves or more to taste. Simmer for 1 hour until all water is absorbed; add more if salsa seems dry. It should have a juicy texture like good fruit jam. Serve as a topping on thin crusty flatbread along with grilled chicken, chard, Bocconcini cheese and walnuts. Or spoon over Brie and bake. Serve with baked ham or turkey, hot or in a sandwich.

Chef Antje Schirwinsky, Crush Bistro, 3024 30 Ave, Vernon, 250-549-4438. Creativity has no limits – let us know your ideas for this great salsa!