Cedar House Chalet’s Fresh Strawberry Sorbet

by Suzanne Heron.

2 lbs fresh strawberries
1 cup sugar
¼ cup honey
pinch of salt

When in season pick 2 lbs of strawberries in your garden or get them from your local farmers market. Cut the stems and wash the strawberries, purée and strain them. Add sugar, honey and salt and mix thouroughly. If you have an ice cream maker churn for 20 minutes until thick, then freeze. If you do it by hand pour the mixture into a plastic tub, freeze for 4 hours, transfer to a food processor, process until smooth, then return the mix to the tub. Freeze for another 4 hours before serving. Garnish with fresh berries from your garden and some mint sprigs.

Chef Max Charbonneau, Cedar House Restaurant, Hefti Rd, Golden, 250-344-4679. Produce is picked from their own garden.