Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup for 4 from The Fernwood Inn

by Suzanne Heron.

Peel & thinly slice 1 lb carrots. Blanch for 1 minute in a large pot of heavily salted water. Strain. Add to a big pot with 1.6 oz ginger, peeled & minced; 1 stalk lemongrass, bruised with the heel of a knife; 32 fl oz coconut milk; 1 Tbsp sugar (preferably white granulated); 4 lime leaves (available in Chinatown); 1 tsp salt; and 1 Tbsp lime juice. Bring to boil & simmer until carrots are very soft. Remove lime leaves & lemongrass. Puree and re-season with sugar, salt & lime juice. Serve & enjoy!

– The Fernwood Inn, 1302 Gladstone Ave, Victoria, (250) 412-2001,