Carlos Cantina Cilantro Soup

by Suzanne Heron.

Dice and sauté ½ small onion and 1 garlic clove until soft. Blend with 1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped, 1 jalapeno pepper and 1 c chicken broth. In a soup pot, melt 2 Tbsp butter. Add 2 Tbsp flour to form a roux. Add blended mix & 3 c chicken broth.  Bring to boil for 1 minute. Add 8 oz sour cream, ¼ tsp salt & ¼ tsp pepper. Serve with tortilla chips on top.

Chef Miquett De La Fuente, Carlos Cantina, 9816 4th St, Sidney, 250-656-3833. Chef Miquette cooks mostly her grandmother’s recipes.