Fundraising with No Risk & Great Return

Image: 2013 Circle Tour SeptemberA stunning, unique Art Calendar that celebrates your community

Order on consignment & keep half the proceeds

Give your supporters, corporate partners, staff and volunteers a great gift-giving opportunity

Each month includes 1 large and 3 smaller pictures painted by Suzanne Heron, evoking familiar and favourite spots from Victoria & the Pacific Marine Circle Tour; tidbits of history, culture and nature information; a recipe from a renowned area chef; weather data; events and holidays; and plenty of room to write

Inside back pages include information on the restaurants, and websites about communities, local markets and culture, monthly events and exploring nature.

9 x 12” on thick, textured paper that feels like it was painted for you yesterday (120 lb Mohawk felt), and shrink wrapped

Personalize with your information.

Keep your name in front of your supporters all year. Blue Heron Publishing will design and supply a ¾” strip to attach along the bottom of the calendar with your information. Personalized calendars come in a white envelope rather than shrink-wrapped.

Order by August 1 for personalized calendars

Contact Suzanne to discuss fundraising ideas

Image: Cattle Point at DawnArt is powerful. Use it.

Suzanne’s images of places people love seem to tap into the deep human need to belong to a community. Make that connection work for you – let your supporters know you share a passion for building this community.

How? Custom thank you cards for your supporters – Original art for a silent auction – Gifts of calendars, cards, prints sold by consignment – What would work for you?

Contact Suzanne to ask a question or discuss your idea.