Suzanne Heron

Suzanne Heron – the person behind Blue Heron Art Enterprises – is an artist with a passion for community.  After 30 years in community development and co-owning a small town toy store, she is using her own and others’ art to celebrate places that people love to be part of.

“My mother was part of a very close-knit group of cousins who shared summer fun in New Hampshire. Whenever I meet family, we are instantly united by shared stories of swimming in Newfound Lake, climbing Peaked Hill, Uncle Jim teasing Aunt Agnes. It gives me a deep sense of roots, a firm sense of belonging. I realized that feeling connected to a place is imperative for my well-being – and that belonging, being part of and proud of a community, is critical for all of us. I am still building community, by using art to document and share local places that have special meaning for people.”

Suzanne is now based in Victoria and Lasqueti Island, B.C. The work of building the Victoria & Circle Tour Calendar, and discovering favourite places and meeting people who love where they live, has given her a strong sense of being home.