Digital Painting

Suzanne use a unique process called “digital painting” to create her artwork . . .

Digital paintings are made using a Wacom tablet and stylus, linked to my computer.  I can tell the tablet to be any kind of surface I want: canvas, watercolour paper, wet, dry, etc. I tell the stylus to be whatever brush I want to use: round, flat, angled; how long the bristles are and how many there are; the size, how much texture shows. I paint in layers, starting with a wash or blocking layer, and working from the background up to the foreground,  just like I would with paint on canvas. I can  “dip into” the colours of a reference photo, and if I don’t like something, I erase it. It’s very cool! I don’t have to take time to mix paints, clean brushes or prime a canvas. My faster digital workflow translates into savings for you.

Image: Brentwood Bay Sunset Giclée Print